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New: Suzuro’s Logfile File #01

Ahh…, finally something new again, enjoy File #01 of Suzuro’s Logfile…. Ideal to celebrate our 200th Release with it. Yes yes, already at the 200th Mark. It is a quite interesting sci-fi like Manga, so grab it and have some fun (short summary)… :-)

On other news for this occasion, we are still in wait for some new Ageha, Taboo-Tattoo and Baka and Boing raws (which reminds me, if anyone is interested in becoming a raw provider for us, just give us a note). And big news, Triage X volume 01 is around the corner and I can already say it will be amazing.

Kindly point the people to this post in order for everyone to get this release for free and in best quality.

Triggers: !log01 or check the botlists. || Direct Download || Online Viewing