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Aiki Chapter 35!

Finally, the long awaited release…

Looks like our last release Baka & Boing reaps it’s fruit. Believe us or not, it boost our staff moral, even Scaramouche who was sick, miraculously healed in no time and proofread Aiki 35 script in a split second. Well… let’s forget my lame bullcrap.

Bene, let’s talk business now. We’re here, bringing you Aiki Chapter 35, the last chapter of Aiki Volume 5. Whether you want to download it from IRC by typing !aiki35 on our Channel, or from our direct download here, I care not.

At the same time, we want to announce that we have archived our past works. Now you can download Aiki volume 2, 3, 4, and 5 as whole volumes from our Download Page. It’s just a batch, nothing really changed except the credit page. The Bots will be updated soon too!

edit : Volume 5 DDL link ready on the Download page.

Don Piko
-  StandAloneMafia Staff -

Broken Direct Download Links Fixed

Thanks niz-8] for noticing and telling us about some broken links in our download page.

The broken links have been replaced with direct links we use lately. So far links for chapter 17-34 are already fixed. Links for chapter 9-16 will come later, also I think those links are still working for now.

The links for chapter 9-34 have been replaced with direct download links to the new server. Please notice us when there are any further issues.


Baka and Boing Chapter 01!

New Series by Kobayashi Hiyoko: Baka and Boing Chapter 01!

Looks like a special-pre-christmas-super-fanservice, so grab it and enjoy ;-)

Like always type !boing1 on our irc channel, check the botlists, or use this direct download.

Anyone interested in cleaning this series, just contact us…
Besides we are looking for Translators, Proofreader and overall Cleaner!

Contact: write a comment here or send us a email at:

PS: Why didn’t we focus on Aiki and Tough? Read the previous post, we just were simply a bit bored, needed our Aiki Babe fix and nobody did a scanlation yet (at least 3 days ago). Which means, here it is, so dont ask why, its just here.

- Piko & Rock

News: General Status & Hanzai Koushounin Dropped!

Maybe all of you are wondering why we release so slow lately.

So, I’m here to give you some information. Actually we have done the clean fro Aiki to around chapter 40, the problem is our current translator d4v1d_su is being busy with his real life so he can only translate Aiki on his limited spare time, cheers for him. Moreover our proofreader for aiki, lonmas, has gone missing (at least that’s what I know), makes Scaramouche who usually is working on tough, taking the job over. For Tough, well… I can’t say that it’s on better shape than Aiki…

That’s the overview of our current situation. If only I could translate Japanese-English, I would like to do the translation, sadly I cant. So, if you can translate from Japanese to English, or you know somebody that is able to do so and maybe willing to help, it would be really appreciated. Any help on this is welcome ^^. The same with proofreading, as you can see in this post, I have terrible English – maybe if there’s no “check spelling” feature on Firefox, there will be bunch of engrish here XD.

So, in conclusion we’re in need of additional Translator and Proofreader, even one people can be really big help and make a huge difference. We can continue like this but we can’t guarantee our release speed, though we will keep our quality for sure.

Giving our current situation, we also decided to drop Hanzai Koushounin. if you liked this series and you want to read the continuation, Endless-Abyss, will continue to scanlate it. Last info is, that another group will help them doing the clean and typeset. Just lurk on #e-a and ask some staff there when you want to know the status of that series.


Contact us easily by giving here a comment (no one expext us can see your email) or just send us a email to:

Hanzai Koushounin Chapter 01

Good morning/afternoon/evening (blame different time zones for this greeting), ladies and gentlemen. Today is a special day as we, along with Endless-Abyss, bring you a new joint project – Hanzai Koushounin.

This fast paced new manga focuses on the delicate art of negotiation. Trust me, it’s more exciting than my writing. For more information on this project, you can visit our projects page or Endless-Abyss’s website.

Blame Pikokola for his sucky ISP, so he can’t upload it to the bot right away. But don’t worry, Endless-Abyss was kind enough to provide us with a MediaFire and a MegaUpload link or direct service.

Edit: XDCC Download are now also availaibe on #e-a channel (packlist) and #s.a.s channel, just type: !hanzai01.

Our Ass Kicking, Mind Boggling, Super Awesome New Project – Tough Ch 26

Today is a double release day for all you lucky people out there.

This a release that will save the world. Touching story of healing mixed with an uber-evil uncle and a young man who can seriously kick ass (Description provided by our awesome staff member Ailelie).

As you can tell, we’re all pretty excited about this new project. If you hop over to our projects page you can get more information there about who did the previous chapters since we’ll be picking things up from chapter 26 onwards.

Head on over to our irc channel where typing !tough26 will score you your fix.

Well, that’s all for now. Look forward to more releases of this ass kicking, mouth punching new manga.

DDL is available at the usual places here and here or here (direct service).

Server Migration

Greetings everyone! Damien here, I’m handling the new server the has moved to. If you’re seeing this post, it means the server migration has been successful!

Things seem to have gone smoothly, but if anyone sees anything strange or missing, please be sure to let one of the staff know and we’ll jump on the problem ASAP.


Yo guys, hi Aiki fans,

We are urgently looking for a new Webhoster, our hoster will soon stop and this site will be down!

If you want to keep this alive, please contact us, either by email, on our irc channel or just by leaving a comment here!

You are all just great!

We got really fast by some of you offers, currently this is enough!

We will get in contact with some of you with more details about our actual needs. We kindlky ask you to be a little patient, if we dont answer right away and again thank you guys for your great offers :)

This really looks promising now!

Summer break over?

It seems like our summer break will be soon over, though we still look for some willing helpers!

The good news is, you guys can expect new releases by the end of this week, if everything goes well!

And should you now be eager to start over in the scanlation world, just apply and join us. You can either talk with us on our irc channel, send us a email or just leave a comment!

Drunken King Teaser

Drunken King Chapter 03 isn’t far away, so we wanna make you a bit curious – check out our Teaser Trailer by Jooki!

Best viewed by downloading the smaller version (the direct view is a bit off track).


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