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Aiki Chapter 33!

Well… Bread is just not enough… thats why we serve the new Aiki Chapter 33!

Best dished with ice cold beer, hop on our irc channel and grab it by typing !aiki33 or just check our botlists.

Direct download links: Here.

Aiki Chapter 32!

Ya-Ha…, finally it has arrived, our delivery of Aiki Chapter 32 :)

As the most of you already figured, grab it on our irc channel by typing !aiki32. On a side note we suggest to consume Aiki, like all our releases, with a large bottle of beer – Have fun!

Direct download: here.

Aiki Chapter 31!!!!!!!!

You guys must think it’s Christmas already since we’ve been releasing a lot of stuff lately. Nevertheles, enjoy it while it lasts for we toil night and day to bring you this fabulous manga. With this spirit imbued in me, i’m proud to announce the release of Aiki chapter 31 for your general consumption.

As i’m sure you’re all undoubtly aware by now, this chapter can be found on our IRC channel by typing the handy trigger: !aiki31. As a side note: Aiki is best consumed with a large bottle of beer! Have fun!

Here some links: Mediafire, Savefile or direct service.

Aiki Chapter 30!

Why did the chicken cross the road? To bring back Aiki chapter 30 of course. So, if the release takes too long, blame that chicken. Okay, i admit that was lame. I promise not to make any more jokes. So, onto the business at hand.

Today i’m here to bring you the fruits of our labor – Aiki Chapter 30. As always, you can get it from the usual place, our IRC channel where the trigger !aiki30 will grant you access to this most amazing and halarious chapter. Ever.

That’s all for now folks. Until next time, stay and chat with us.

Direct downloads are available through Savefile and on Mediafire or as direct service.

Aiki Chapter 29

Hey everyone, it’s about that time again. I’m here to bring you all the exciting new release of Aiki chapter 29. It’s so exciting it’s almost criminal. Try to contain yourselves.

This chapter of Aiki marks the begining of the Fifth Volume of this awesome manga. I know what you’re thinking, “Five volumes already? Where does the time go?” Why, it goes into reading this manga of course. Anyway, enough of my sleeptalking.

As usual, you can grab our releases on our irc channel by typing !aiki29 in the channel window. Relax and enjoy.

Direct downloads are now available here and here or here (direct service). Read responsibly.

Aiki Chapter 28!!!!!

Ladies and gents, give a round of applause for Aiki chapter 28 in all it’s glory.

This chapter marks the end of Vol 4. But not to worry, there are plenty of volumes left.

As usual, you can get our releases by visiting our irc channel and typing !aiki28 in the channel window.

DDL is available here and here or here (direct service). Enjoy!

Aiki Chapter 27!

Here it is our weekly release!

Enjoy Aiki chapter 27 – Joukyuu as teacher :D Like always get it from our irc channel by typing !aiki27 on the channel window. While downloading feel free to chat and have fun!

DDL available here and here. Enjoy!

Aiki Chapter 26!

Another week and another release!

The release i’m talking about of course is Aiki chapter 26.

As usual, you can find this awesome chapter by visiting our irc channel and typing !aiki26 in the channel window. Download and enjoy, stay and chat, the possibilities are endless!

Direct downloads are available here and here. Enjoy!

Aiki Chapter 25!

Time for a new chapter of Aiki!

Grab it on our irc channel by typing in the channel window !aiki25

This time someone appears, even our mighty Joukyuu is afraid of :D

Direct downloads are now available here and here. Enjoy the chapter!

Aiki Chapter 24!

Hello again!

Yes its already chapter 24 – so while you are reading this, start your irc and get on our channel for the download.

Just type, like usually !aiki24 to receive the new release
- have fun and enjoy it :)

Direct download is availble here and here. Enjoy!

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