TriageX | Status: Dropped

Author: Satou Shouji

Summary: At first glance, Arashi Mikami appears to be a normal, albeit socially awkward, 17 year old high school student. However, he’s actually part of a secret organization, a quad of assassins, known as Black Label. A group dedicated to executing power-hungry criminals the law refuses to deal with. However, taking down a crime lord isn’t always an easy task, and there’s bound to be consequences for any action…

This is the action-packed story of the trials of Arashi and the people close to him. Full of action with a interesting story and a breeze of ecchiness!

Releases: Chapter 01-05 (XLG is continuing this on their own, see for links)


- Volume 01 -
Case I – Prescription from Hell I – Red Cross of Blood
Case I – Prescription from Hell II – The Dragon within the Tempest
Case I – Prescription from Hell III – Hot Lead Judgment
Case II – Surgical Strike I – A Judge’s Qualifications
Case II – Surgical Strike II – Point Men