Tough | Status: Dropped


Author: Saruwatari Tetsuya

Summary: This is a mixed martial arts fighting Manga about the Miyazawa school of martial arts. Initially, it is about Kiichi trying to heal his father after he was nearly killed by his brother Kiryu. But then it goes on to be less about that as his father recovers and some tournament style fighting begins. At that point various apparently overwhelming opponents will encounter Kiichi on his way to the top. The objectives of the various characters start to play a more and more important role, as well as the different philosophical projections of several martial arts and disciplines. (Somewhat maybe like a modern day Samurai story.)

This is also a continuation of Koko Tekken-den Tough which followed the main character, Kiichi, when he was younger and was training under his father Seiko Miyazawa. (Reading the prequel isn’t necessary at all.)

Releases: Chapter 26-129 (Ch 01-25 done by KO-Scans)

(Note: Here you can find links for the whole volumes; On IRC you will find all single chapters archived as well as the volumes subdivided into chapters; And if you are looking for more options, check this post)

- Volume 03 -
21st Match 27th Match – The Definition of a Warrior
22nd Match 28th Match – The Acts of a Demon
23rd Match 29th Match – A Dialogue of the Soul
24th Match 30th Match – Sacred Shikabane Mountain
25th Match 31st Match – A Rule-Less Conflict
26th Match – Survival of the Fittest

- Volume 04 -
32nd Match – An Encounter 37th Match – Reminiscences of Truth
33rd Match – The Joker 38th Match – The Rancor of Hagyu
34th Match – Kiryu’s Assassins 39th Match – The Real Strength of the Wind
35th Match – The Man called Hyou 40th Match – The Wind’s Will
36th Match – Fist of the Violent Death 41st Match – Waka Miyashita’s Karate Sekishin

- Volume 05 -
42nd Match – Rancor 48th Match – Endurance Battle
43rd Match – Supremacy! The Shindo Style 49th Match – Blood Colored Sunset
44th Match – No need for Fangs 50th Match – Fear of Darkness
45th Match – The Sound of Bones 51st Match – Indomitable Spirit
46th Match – The Man To Face 52nd Match – Between Dog and Wolf
47th Match – Fighting Resolution

Tough Volume 6 Cover
- Volume 06 -
53rd Match – Change of Rules 59th Match – The Winner’s Condition
54th Match – Sharp 60th Match – Love Towards His Son
55th Match – The Merchant and The Samurai 61st Match – In Order to Survive
56th Match – Dream Fighter 62nd Match – The Mage of Blindness
57th Match – The White Weapons Expert 63rd Match – Human Desire
58th Match – The Definition of an Idiot

Tough Volume 7 Cover
- Volume 07 -
64th Match – Hidden Nature 70th Match – The Devil’s Wishpers
65th Match – Jet-Black 71st Match – Bestial Behavior
66th Match – Cornered Man 72nd Match – Lifeless Body
67th Match – The Responsibility of the Guardian 73rd Match – The Beast-Man’s Secret
68th Match – Kamaitachi 74th Match – Dialog
69th Match – Inhuman

Tough Volume 8 Cover
- Volume 08 -
75th Match – Being of Darkness 81st Match – The Genius Condition
76th Match – The “Neck-Breaker” 82nd Match – Finalists nominated!
77th Match – The Strongest DNA 83rd Match – Desire to restart the Hostilities
78th Match – Cruel Trial 84th Match – Fortuitous Meeting
79th Match – God’s Point of View 85th Match – The Brilliance of the Blade
80th Match – The Sky Eye

Tough Volume 9 Cover
- Volume 09 -
86th Match – Deadly! Engetsu Style! 92nd Match – Team D
87th Match – Weapon and Evolution 93rd Match – Test of Power!
88th Match – Disappear as the Weak 94th Match – Because he’s Human…
89th Match – A Rainbow-Colored Train 95th Match – The Legendary Man
90th Match – To Link The Lives 96th Match – As a Warrior…
91st Match – As long as there is a Peak

Tough Volume 10 Cover
- Volume 10 -
97th Match – Give it All 103rd Match – Men of Courage
98th Match – Seiko’s True Power 104th Match – As the Successor…
99th Match – Feeling a Deadly Aura 105th Match – The Man Above Law
100th Match – King’s Personality 106th Match – GDF-8
101st Match – Different Ways of Life 107th Match – Show Your Face
102nd Match – Medical Check

- Volume 11 -
108th Match – The true Identity of the Battle King 114th Match – Chosho vs Jet
109th Match – Hope to Live 115th Match – A really tender World
110th Match – Abu Dhabi Fight Club 116th – Match I want to fight you
111th Match – Firearm Society 117th Match – Opening of the Hyper Battle
112th Match – Meeting in Foreign Lands 118th Match – Bloody Battlefield
113th Match – Not to harm

- Volume 12 -
119th Match – Speed Dancer vs Giant 125th Match – American Hero
120th Match – Kikuta’s Anxiety 126th Match – Imperial Honor
121st Match – As the Leader… 127th Match – Devil’s Face
122nd Match – Last Remnants of Life 128th Match – God and Devil
123rd Match – The Mask of Betrayal 129th Match – Frightening Underground Video
124th Match – Under the Mask