Drunken King

Drunken King | Status: Drunk | Note: Drunken Scanlation Production

Author: By the Drunken Hero himself

Summary: A story about a forgotten hero who is born now and then about every thousand years! He and his colleagues, who he gathers during his travels, have to annihilate the evil and will therefore take in count whatever it needs. Follow the drunken arcs and have fun like never before!

Note: Each Arc consists of its very unquie and own Hero as well as plays in a different kind of universe and tells a self-contained story.

Releases: Chapter 01-06


  Arc 01:
  Chapter 01
  Chapter 02
  Chapter 03 | Trailer 01

  Arc 02:
  Chapter 04
  Chapter 05 | Trailer 02
  Chapter 06
  Chapter 07