21st Century Boys

21st Century Boys | Status: Completed


Author: Urasawa Naoki

Summary: Picking up directly after the events of 20th Century Boys, it seems like the world is finally out of danger, but the mystery of “Friend” still exists. As the world is threatened again, Kenji must search his memories for any clue about “Friend”.

Releases: Chapter 01-16 (Note: This has been a work by various groups or rather people. At the end however it was finished by the, at that time, just new born S.A.S group – A group build up of multiple Stand Alone Scanlators, this groups beginning. See the credit pages for more details)


- Volume 01 -
Chapter 01 – Friend Dies Chapter 05 – Ghost of the Future
Chapter 02 – Chapter 06 – Imitating the Imitation
Chapter 03 – Our Flag Chapter 07 – Hiding Place
Chapter 04 – The Origin of the Children Chapter 08 – You Died – Today

- Volume 02 -
Chapter 09 – The Rules of the Game Chapter 13 – Pucnh-Out
Chapter 10 – The Remnant of a Demon Chapter 14 – There’s no way I’ll let it end
Chapter 11 – Goodbye Manjome Chapter 15 – I’m Sorry
Chapter 12 – Switch Chapter 16 – 20th Century Boys (Fin)