Steins;Gate Chapter 03

Yay we are finally back with a release… :-)

We had this one for a while in our pipes, it’s just like everyone got busy and it was delayed over and over. Anyway we are gonna try to pick Steins;Gate up and continue with it. So far told us they could provide the raws, we hope this will work out and look forward to more chapters.

On other news we had a setback with Ageha, our translator told us he didn’t had any time at all, so we still wait for him to be able to catch up. However, rest assured we are definitely going to continue Ageha and actually should be able to release again in November (wish us good luck).

On an additionally note, another group started through with Baka and Boing releases, if you are a fan and look for more go check it out. – trigger: !sg03 || Direct Download

Those who chase the Ageha Chapter 09

We are finally able to continue on Ageha, and this Manga never stops to surprise. It is as good as ever… Now even survival will be mixed in, lean back and enjoy another nice read :)
Also we will try to catch up again. And a few other nice things are in the pipeline as well. Stay tuned. – trigger: !ageha09 || Direct Download

Wild School Chapter 13

What a great Manga and we finally get more of it.
No real action going down here but nevertheless somehow just a nice chap with some really funny moments. Enjoy… :-)

On other news we managed to find some great raw support for certain our projects. If any of you are in the same spot and in dire need for some raws, try to contact these guys:
They are doing a real great job. This also means of course that we will be able to bring you soon more from Ageha and co, so stay tuned.

Besides that, as you see we changed our webpage a little, hope you like it. This also indicates the changes we went through. You can prepare for a few nice surprises to come… – trigger: !ws13 || Direct Download

“Things Change”

As things are right now, with fewer members and each of us much busier, we decided to focus on what we like the most (and can do the best). This means, de facto, we will drop a few projects. Namely: Tough, and, Baka and Boing. Unfortunately, there isn’t much interest in them. Though both have a solid fan base, it seems no one really cares enough to do something to get the chapters done. In conclusion, no one is really working on it in our group and no guys applied to help us out either.

If anyone should be interested, we can still supply some Translations for Tough and the Volume 03 raws for Baka and Boing (just got our hands on it a few days ago).

As for structural changes: From now on, we will work just on new manga which are bi-weekly/monthly or so (brand new titles). We will keep TriageX, Ageha and Suzuro’s Logfile. By the way, we just came to know that Suzuro’s Logfile is a quarterly series, which means we are actually up-to-date with it and you can expect chapter 02 soon.

Also, we still plan to finish Wild School. Guess what we are waiting for? Yup, more raws. Same goes for Lequios.

We hope you enjoyed our scans for Tough, as well as Baka and Boing, and hope you stick around to see what new manga we will bring you next.

Tough 129th Match

The next deadly match is about to start, Jet vs The Bone Crusher. It seems to be a very fitting name as it turns out…

This also marks our last Tough chapter we release. Now don’t be to sad, it was a nice ride, enjoy this one and see for more details the latest post.

Triggers: !tough129 or check the botlists. || Direct Download

Tough 127th & 128th Match

See the conclusion of the match between the Belt Collector and the Mongolian Wrestler. Plus some back story of “Jet” is being told.

Triggers: !tough127 and !tough128 or check the botlists. || Direct Download: c127, c128

Those who chase the Ageha Chapter 08

Ya-Ha, the chase continues finally, more Ageha ahead guys… This time its not only one chapter but 1.5 chapters, so have extra fun. The latter part is especially hilarious, but now I wont say any more, just enjoy it :-)

Triggers: !ageha08 or check the botlists. || Direct Download || Online Viewing

Wild School Chapter 12

Yeah, finally some fighting and still a great sense of humor. Truly one of my favorite Manga (actually Manhwa) right now; Have fun too :D

Triggers: !ws12 or check the botlists. || Direct Download || Online Viewing

Tough 125th & 126th Match

The Belt Collector versus the Mongolian Wrestler; See how the fight enrolls and have fun…

Triggers: !tough125 and !tough126 or check the botlists. || Direct Download: c125, c126 || Online Viewing

Wild School Chapter 11

I had almost forgotten who much I like the humor in this series… A very enjoyable chapter, though not much is happening.

As for news: We really could need a Raw Provider; How he gets the raws doesn’t matter (regardless whether he scans them himself or finds them on the net or just some other way…). A lot of cool projects are awaiting some raw support, for instance:

  • Baka and Boing – Volume 03 (tankoubon) raws
  • Lequios – Either Volume or Magazine raws
  • Suzuro’s Logfile – Latest Magazine raws

So if you would like to read more of these Manga, then spread the word and link people to this post :-)

Triggers: !ws11 or check the botlists. || Direct Download || Online Viewing

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