Tough Chapter 33!

We keep going on…

Well, we could need some more helpers, most wanted like always are Translators (maybe in addition also Transcriber)!

Enjoy this new Chapter 33 of Tough, called “The Joker”!

Grab it on our irc channel by typing !tough33, or check our botlists or use this direct download!

Hanzai Koushounin Chapter 03

Continuing our release spree, today we bring you also Hanzai Koushinin Chapter 03 :P
As always, type !hanzai03 on our irc channel to get the release.

Direct download Links: Megaupload, Mediafire or direct service.

- I’m tired, run out of words to speak, and such, so sorry for this lame release notice -

Aiki Chapter 33!

Well… Bread is just not enough… thats why we serve the new Aiki Chapter 33!

Best dished with ice cold beer, hop on our irc channel and grab it by typing !aiki33 or just check our botlists.

Direct download links: Here.

Tough Chapter 32!

Alright, our next delivery arrived just right away, and it is the new Volume 04 with the 32nd Match of Tough.

If this isn’t a reason for some beer, then i dont know what is… Grab it on our irc channel by typing !tough32 or check our botlists for packnumbers!

Driect download link: here.

Aiki Chapter 32!

Ya-Ha…, finally it has arrived, our delivery of Aiki Chapter 32 :)

As the most of you already figured, grab it on our irc channel by typing !aiki32. On a side note we suggest to consume Aiki, like all our releases, with a large bottle of beer – Have fun!

Direct download: here.

Tough Chapter 31!

Tough Time ;D

With this we finished now Volume 03!

Get it from our irc channel by typing !tough31, or using one of this fine links: Mediafire, Savefile or direct service.

See you next time and keep on supporting us.

Aiki Chapter 31!!!!!!!!

You guys must think it’s Christmas already since we’ve been releasing a lot of stuff lately. Nevertheles, enjoy it while it lasts for we toil night and day to bring you this fabulous manga. With this spirit imbued in me, i’m proud to announce the release of Aiki chapter 31 for your general consumption.

As i’m sure you’re all undoubtly aware by now, this chapter can be found on our IRC channel by typing the handy trigger: !aiki31. As a side note: Aiki is best consumed with a large bottle of beer! Have fun!

Here some links: Mediafire, Savefile or direct service.

Tough Chapter 30!

Another Day, Another Tough Release!

Finally we got there to the Hyper Battle Elimination… thats what you waited for, go and get this nice chapter and wait eagerly for the next one ;-)

You will find it as always on our irc channel by typing !tough30, or by any direct download links, which will be provided soon.

See you next time!

DDL is available on Mediafire as well as on Savefile or use our new direct service.

Hanzai Koushounin Chapter 02

Hey everyone, i’m sure you’ve all been sitting at the edges of your seat patiently awaiting the release of the next chapter of Hanzai Koushounin. Fear not, for your patience is being rewarded this fine day with none other than the release of the second chapter of this brilliant manga.

Along with our friends over at Endless-Abyss we invite you to give this chapter a download and enjoy all it has to offer. As usual, you can get this chapter from our IRC channel by typing !hanzai02. Also, visit Endless-Abyss’s IRC channel where i’m sure you can find other means of getting this chapter.

DDL: MediaFire or direct service.

Tough Chapter 29

That’s correct ladies and gentlemen. Two chapters in three days and if things go according to plan, there might be more fun and joy in store for you.

So without further prattling on my part, let me do what I came here to do: Announcing the release of Tough Chapter 29. As always, this chapter promises to be as kickass and mind numbingly awesome as it’s predecessors. (You might want to hold onto something while reading.)

This chapter is available in the usual place: our irc channel by typing the usual trigger !tough29. So long for now.

DDL is available on Mediafire as well as on Savefile or as direct service.

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