Look here before annoying people with questions.

I. The following post handles the matter of Distribution Policy, Foreign-Language Translation Policy and other things:

>> The one and only S.A.S somehow FAQ

In a nutshell (summary):

Distribution Policy
We encourage people/fans to make our releases available. Best option for that is to just link to our webpage or post. Uploading somewhere else is acceptable only when the following conditions are fulfilled:

  • No changing of our files (use the “rar”-archives as they are; with all including files, no less, no more, and NO changes to it).
  • Nothing is required to gain the actual release (no donations/money, no posts, no uploads, no nothing).
  • Also no complex way to get the release (like hundreds of links to click and/or endless scrolling around – no one should go through a maze for a simple and free intentioned scanlation).
  • In addition to “Online-Viewer”: Don’t upload to those crappy ones (you know which we mean, so don’t play dumb; usually the ones which re-size the images and everything looks blurry and awful).

Foreign-Language Translation Policy
If you want to use our cleans, then the answer is simply NO! If you don’t understand this, it means you are not allowed to use our releases as a basis for your own. You may use our release as a translation source to translate into another language but that’s all. However, you will find it much easier getting the English script free from MangaHelpers.com, and using that for your own translation.

II. Other:

Q: I wonder when you will release the next chapter/volume/or whatever of ____?
A: You may have heard that already but don’t ask that, Ever. ‘Cause each time you do it delays that particular release. Why is that? ‘Cause the guys working on it may get pissed off or rather taken out of there rhythm of work and not to mention it, needs time and energy to read, as well as respond. Besides, since it’s all free, we can do whatever the fuck we want. If you want nearly steady releases, wait for releases by a publisher, and then go and buy it.

Q: Why are some projects released once a month at most?
A: That is easy, because they are most likely a monthly series. That means every month there is just one issue of that particular series. And besides, see the previous answer…

Q: Are you going to do later tankobon releases for certain projects?
A: Who knows, but probably not. We’d rather focus on new stuff.

Q: Is it true that adding releases to more services/hosts, basically spreading them, is creating more CO2 and adding to the global warming effect.
A: Yes it is.

III. Recruiting:

Q: I wanna help you guys in someway, how can I do that?
A: First of all, we can always use some helping hands on our translation front; there just cant be enough Translators… If you can speak Japanese on a decent level, don’t be afraid to apply. Trying out doesn’t cost you anything, and you might even like it. Also, it’s a possibility to learn languages and meet different kinds of people from different cultures and languages. Yes, we are a pretty diversified team from all over the world.

Q: But I cant speak Japanese at all, can I still do something to support you geniuses?
A: Sure, but first, we would need to know what it is you would like to do or can do. Here are the different positions with their basic requirements: Proofreader (requires English on a native or close native level), Cleaner (you own Photoshop CS or above and you know what layers and levels are), Typesetter (you own Photoshop CS or above and you know the text-tool, besides you have a touch for fonts). We don’t request anything in particular but reliability. You will be taught everything needed, but what you have to bring along is some spare time and effort.

Q: I’m no good with those things, is there anything else I could help with?
A: Yes, we could really use a Raw-Provider. Sometimes raw supplies stop and we can’t continue certain projects or we want to work on a project but just can’t find any raws. Help with finding and/or providing raws is always welcome.