Drunken Scans

Drunken Scans or Drunken Scanlation is a sub-group by various of our group members!

It was founded by some S.A.S members with the initiator as well as the project leader being Jooki.
He is that great “Whatever he is” with “THAT” power ;)

But to cut a long story short, we should let him describe what Drunken Scanlation is about and how the idea was born:

“ONCE upon a time there was BEER(<3) and a bored scanlator. The bored scanlator decided to get freaking drunk so that the evening would be more interesting. After a “few” bottles of BEER(<3) he turned off all the hentai, anime, and other entertainment on his desktop and focused all his drunken brain cells on s.a.s channel. After a drunken while with other drunken guys on the chan he came up with an idea… “Lea’ts maek a scaenlaetion whaiile W€ R DruNK”. And that’s when a legend was born…”

- Jooki -

Drunken Scanlation Productions:
You can find here the first production of Drunken Scans, an arc based hero tale, on which each arc is set completely independent from the others: Drunken King