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S.A.S 100th Special Release

This is it Ya-Ha! We reached the 100th mark and due to that some special is appropriated… We thought a little batch release to run up to the 100th Release, which will be nothing less than Urasawa’s latest work is appropriate for this awesome event…!!!

Make sure to also watch our mind blogging Teaser trailer in the post before… It will get you into the right mood for the stuff coming up here… :-P

Some few words by us (the three head admirals) may be appropriate as well, …

…so let us thank every member of S.A.S as well as all the other little helpers around for their great effort and contribution in fulfilling this goal. It’s been a long road and we have reached quite far thanks to all your hard work. Lets continue bringing forth great manga and remember: “Believe in me who believes in you!”. Thus for us there is just one way, and thats forward piercing through the heavens… - Rock-Bird, Jooki, Pikokola -

- Now finally without further ado, here the 100th Special Release runner-ups -

95th-97th Release – TOUGH 53rd Match – 55th Match:

Tough screenshotTough screenshotTough screenshot

New volume 06  starts with 3 figthing packed matches… :-D

Grab your latest Tough from our irc channel by typing !tough53 – 55 or check the botlists for more options.

Note: We are still looking for some dedicated French-to-English Translator for Tough, of course also Japanese-to-English Translators are welcome. || Direct Download: 53rd Match, 54th Match, 55th Match || Online Viewing: 53rd Match,
54th Match, 55th Match

98th-99th Release – New: Jormungand Chapter 06-07:

Jormungand screenshotJormungand screenshotJormungand screenshot

“I’m the world serpent. My name is Jormungand.”

That’s right, your favorite Arm’s dealer is back… I have never seen so many bullets flying around in one Manga as in chapter 07 of this… ;-D

If you haven’t yet fallen for this one, with the new arc you will, because it really kicks in. Lemme just say that some Hitmen appear and the guns start to do the talking from then on. (Get a summary right here.)

Grab this one from our irc channel by typing !jmg06 – 07 or check the botlists for more options. || Online Viewing: Chapter 06, Chapter 07

100h Release – New: Mangari Michi Chapter 01:

Mangari Michi screenshotMangari Michi screenshotMangari Michi screenshot

Okay this is it now, the 100th Release for S.A.S! As we started with one of Urasawa’s works, we figured it would be funny to make this one our 100th Release.

What else is to say, well… it may look at first to be a non-typical work by Urasawa, though don’t judge it just by the first chapter, the difference to the second one will definitely surprise you… (Also as it seems, the two Mangaka, in this Manga, try to make use of the criticism and input it in the next chapter…)  What’s for sure is the good comedy inside… the rest will develop eventually. For that right now even the two Mangaka in this Manga don’t seem to know yet where they are headed…  (Get a summary right here.)

Time you try it out, grab it  from our irc channel by typing !michi01 or check the botlists for more options. || Direct Download || Online Viewing

PS: The two Mangaka in this Manga, who try to draw a Manga, are characters from 21st century boys, as well as the woman criticizing them ;-P

101st-103rd Release – New: Gamble Fish Chapter 01-03:

Gamble Fish   screenshotGamble Fish   screenshotGamble Fish   screenshot

Another new pick-up by us… We had our eyes since awhile on it. It’s a very well drawn Manga, with lots of psychological games. On a short note, the main character tries to crush a elite school by gambling (He declares to double with each gamble the bet, starting with 100 Yen. If math wasn’t your fav, that way he will quite soon reach astronomical numbers…). (Get a more detailed summary here.)

On our irc channel you get it by typing !fish01 – 03 or check the botlists for more options. By the way, more then 130+ pages await you here :-P || Online Viewing: Chapter 01, Chapter 02, Chapter 03

That’s it fellas, enjoy this ultra hyper great special, make sure to check out the new series… they will be  worth it…  Give your comments, show some appreciation and don’t forget to always support us… :-Dwhile we’re at some celebration… why didn’t we celebrate our first aniversary last January? – piko