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Hanzai Koushounin Chapter 04

Piko… Piko… write the News for Hanzai! Piko: zZz zZz…

Alright so i did wirte something instead, should do the deal, cause no ideas too…

Hanzai Chpater 04 is out, another fine release by Endless Abyss & Stand Alone Scanlation!

Grab it on our irc channel by typing !hanzai04, or use one of the direct downloads.

Direct download Links: Megaupload, Mediafire or direct service.

Piko Rock

Hanzai Koushounin Chapter 03

Continuing our release spree, today we bring you also Hanzai Koushinin Chapter 03 :P
As always, type !hanzai03 on our irc channel to get the release.

Direct download Links: Megaupload, Mediafire or direct service.

- I’m tired, run out of words to speak, and such, so sorry for this lame release notice -

Hanzai Koushounin Chapter 02

Hey everyone, i’m sure you’ve all been sitting at the edges of your seat patiently awaiting the release of the next chapter of Hanzai Koushounin. Fear not, for your patience is being rewarded this fine day with none other than the release of the second chapter of this brilliant manga.

Along with our friends over at Endless-Abyss we invite you to give this chapter a download and enjoy all it has to offer. As usual, you can get this chapter from our IRC channel by typing !hanzai02. Also, visit Endless-Abyss’s IRC channel where i’m sure you can find other means of getting this chapter.

DDL: MediaFire or direct service.

Hanzai Koushounin Chapter 01

Good morning/afternoon/evening (blame different time zones for this greeting), ladies and gentlemen. Today is a special day as we, along with Endless-Abyss, bring you a new joint project – Hanzai Koushounin.

This fast paced new manga focuses on the delicate art of negotiation. Trust me, it’s more exciting than my writing. For more information on this project, you can visit our projects page or Endless-Abyss’s website.

Blame Pikokola for his sucky ISP, so he can’t upload it to the bot right away. But don’t worry, Endless-Abyss was kind enough to provide us with a MediaFire and a MegaUpload link or direct service.

Edit: XDCC Download are now also availaibe on #e-a channel (packlist) and #s.a.s channel, just type: !hanzai01.