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Server Migration

Greetings everyone! Damien here, I’m handling the new server the has moved to. If you’re seeing this post, it means the server migration has been successful!

Things seem to have gone smoothly, but if anyone sees anything strange or missing, please be sure to let one of the staff know and we’ll jump on the problem ASAP.


Yo guys, hi Aiki fans,

We are urgently looking for a new Webhoster, our hoster will soon stop and this site will be down!

If you want to keep this alive, please contact us, either by email, on our irc channel or just by leaving a comment here!

You are all just great!

We got really fast by some of you offers, currently this is enough!

We will get in contact with some of you with more details about our actual needs. We kindlky ask you to be a little patient, if we dont answer right away and again thank you guys for your great offers :)

This really looks promising now!

Summer break over?

It seems like our summer break will be soon over, though we still look for some willing helpers!

The good news is, you guys can expect new releases by the end of this week, if everything goes well!

And should you now be eager to start over in the scanlation world, just apply and join us. You can either talk with us on our irc channel, send us a email or just leave a comment!

Drunken King Teaser

Drunken King Chapter 03 isn’t far away, so we wanna make you a bit curious – check out our Teaser Trailer by Jooki!

Best viewed by downloading the smaller version (the direct view is a bit off track).


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