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Ageha News

Hi folks, just a short not for our hardcore fans still checking on us:

Seems like someone picked up Ageha where we left and started releasing it, check it out here

Well, we certainly would have loved to finish this one ourselves, but even with the raws, to keep it brief, none of our “old” Translators could/would help and we also couldn’t get anyone new to get on it. Anyway better than nothing I guess…

On Hiatus

Update (see below)

Well, it is not easy to write something after some time went by and things look forgotten. Although, we wanted to do this a while ago, I pushed it back day by day, week by week… At first when we had things figured out once again and were on a fine course again, unfortunately our raw providers broke away and we just didn’t manage to handle that, we simply couldn’t find anyone filling the spot or any raw services on the net. That’s when, even though we had a team ready to go, we weren’t able to continue, weeks and month passed, time flew by… All of us were trying to find a solution, looking for supporters and searching the net, though without any real success. In the end we got caught up with other things in life and without really noticing it almost exactly a year passed now till our last release…

Anyway, now we are here, and we certainly are on a hiatus, I call it like that since we still have a team* in the background which could get into motion…, and that might even happen someday (of course just after we solve the raw issue…). *except Translators as it seems…

Nevertheless we’d like to thank our supporters and fans, also the people who noticed things and wanted to join us, which we had to decline due to our state (and since no raw-provider were among them), but big thanks for the support and your feelings and who knows in case we start to kick-ass once again, you certainly are welcome…

So what I’m trying to say is that we were kinda like on a hiatus and still are, and thus decided to finally make the call and officially post it.

Personally let me thank for the awesome ride so far, to every member and fan, and I’m looking forward to see what the future might bring. Its just cool how our core team is still in contact, even when it got a bit rare sometimes, but we still are connected, which makes me really feel great about us and what we accomplished amongst other things.

See ya guys maybe on the chat, till then…

PS: We still want to finish at least Those who chase the Ageha, anyone able to provide us the Raws is welcome to send us a note at, thx. We’ve received the raws by now, thanks for all the people contacting us. Over the past months we unfortunately didn’t manage to get any of our “old” Translators back to work of find anyone new willing to finish Ageha. It is just to sad… but we are not giving up…

Christmas Special Release Day!

We wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year :-)

Somehow we managed to return from our hiatus just on time. We really have been struck, after finally finding new Raw-Providers, our main Translator left, then after finding new Translators, most of our “usual” staff were way to busy and all of a sudden our Typesetters except for one went on a break. However things are starting to look bright again…

Well cutting to the chase, we are regrouping and could also need some new helping hands. Most urgent would be a Typesetter (or even two); though another Proofreader and Cleaner wouldn’t hurt either. Not much is required just some appetite on working on Manga and access to Photoshop CS (or higher). You will learn the rest from us in a jiffy. Also its not much regarding workload, kinda one to two chapters per month. We will focus mainly on Ageha and Steins;Gate from now on; but we still have a few things stuck in the pipelines, like some ready Cleans and PRs for typesetting or TLs for proofreading, so anyone interested in bringing things along just apply (also see our new “Latest Status” in the sidebar for more details on the progress of your favorite Manga).

Anyways, as for now, enjoy these great Manga. Ageha is as awesome as always. Steins;Gate is getting even more intriguing so if ya haven’t yet and like Sci-Fi give it a try. And Wild School has its typical charm which makes one laugh a lot. Have a nice read:

Those who chase the Ageha: – trigger: !ageha10 & !ageha11 ||
Direct Downloads: ch10, ch11

Steins;Gate: – trigger: !sg04 & !sg05 ||
Direct Downloads: ch04, ch05

Wild School: – trigger: !ws14 || Direct Download: ch14

Steins;Gate Chapter 03

Yay we are finally back with a release… :-)

We had this one for a while in our pipes, it’s just like everyone got busy and it was delayed over and over. Anyway we are gonna try to pick Steins;Gate up and continue with it. So far told us they could provide the raws, we hope this will work out and look forward to more chapters.

On other news we had a setback with Ageha, our translator told us he didn’t had any time at all, so we still wait for him to be able to catch up. However, rest assured we are definitely going to continue Ageha and actually should be able to release again in November (wish us good luck).

On an additionally note, another group started through with Baka and Boing releases, if you are a fan and look for more go check it out. – trigger: !sg03 || Direct Download

Wild School Chapter 13

What a great Manga and we finally get more of it.
No real action going down here but nevertheless somehow just a nice chap with some really funny moments. Enjoy… :-)

On other news we managed to find some great raw support for certain our projects. If any of you are in the same spot and in dire need for some raws, try to contact these guys:
They are doing a real great job. This also means of course that we will be able to bring you soon more from Ageha and co, so stay tuned.

Besides that, as you see we changed our webpage a little, hope you like it. This also indicates the changes we went through. You can prepare for a few nice surprises to come… – trigger: !ws13 || Direct Download

“Things Change”

As things are right now, with fewer members and each of us much busier, we decided to focus on what we like the most (and can do the best). This means, de facto, we will drop a few projects. Namely: Tough, and, Baka and Boing. Unfortunately, there isn’t much interest in them. Though both have a solid fan base, it seems no one really cares enough to do something to get the chapters done. In conclusion, no one is really working on it in our group and no guys applied to help us out either.

If anyone should be interested, we can still supply some Translations for Tough and the Volume 03 raws for Baka and Boing (just got our hands on it a few days ago).

As for structural changes: From now on, we will work just on new manga which are bi-weekly/monthly or so (brand new titles). We will keep TriageX, Ageha and Suzuro’s Logfile. By the way, we just came to know that Suzuro’s Logfile is a quarterly series, which means we are actually up-to-date with it and you can expect chapter 02 soon.

Also, we still plan to finish Wild School. Guess what we are waiting for? Yup, more raws. Same goes for Lequios.

We hope you enjoyed our scans for Tough, as well as Baka and Boing, and hope you stick around to see what new manga we will bring you next.

Tough 129th Match

The next deadly match is about to start, Jet vs The Bone Crusher. It seems to be a very fitting name as it turns out…

This also marks our last Tough chapter we release. Now don’t be to sad, it was a nice ride, enjoy this one and see for more details the latest post.

Triggers: !tough129 or check the botlists. || Direct Download

Tough 123rd & 124th Match

We are back again! Enjoy two new Tough chapters.
The Nadashinkage trio is making an effort to find out who the Battle King really is… Plus a new Hyper Battle match is getting fired up.

As for news: We really could need a Raw Provider; How he gets the raws doesn’t matter (regardless whether he scans them himself or finds them on the net or just some other way…). A lot of cool projects are awaiting some raw support, for instance:

  • Baka and Boing – Volume 03 (tankoubon) raws
  • Lequios – Either Volume or Magazine raws
  • Suzuro’s Logfile – Latest Magazine raws

So if you would like to read more of these Manga, then spread the word and link people to this post :-)

Triggers: !tough123 and !tough124 or check the botlists. || Direct Download: c123, c124 || Online Viewing

Happy “Tough” Easter

Happy Easter! Enjoy our two new Tough chapters. With this the Kikuta match finds its end (who did you bet on). Plus Seiko and Kiryuu meet once again… :-D

Have some nice feast days and don’t panic, but we will take off some weeks too :-)

Triggers: !tough121 and !tough122 or check the botlists. || Direct Download: c121, c122 || Online Viewing

New: Suzuro’s Logfile File #01

Ahh…, finally something new again, enjoy File #01 of Suzuro’s Logfile…. Ideal to celebrate our 200th Release with it. Yes yes, already at the 200th Mark. It is a quite interesting sci-fi like Manga, so grab it and have some fun (short summary)… :-)

On other news for this occasion, we are still in wait for some new Ageha, Taboo-Tattoo and Baka and Boing raws (which reminds me, if anyone is interested in becoming a raw provider for us, just give us a note). And big news, Triage X volume 01 is around the corner and I can already say it will be amazing.

Kindly point the people to this post in order for everyone to get this release for free and in best quality.

Triggers: !log01 or check the botlists. || Direct Download || Online Viewing

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