Irc & BotList

Cheers for those getting raped when the releases have come… here they are – The Distro Bots!!!

You will find all our Releases first on the bots in our irc channel, so make sure to come by and check from time to time.

IRC Channel:

Irc Channel: #s.a.s@irchighway


- Lolita (plus some temporarily bots, such as Kuma or Shota)
Null Bot Packlists Website (type in “s.a.s” to filter for all our releases)


Here is a list of our release triggers we provide in our irc channel, for the latest releases (for downloading a bunch of stuff or older chaps just check the botlists). Each of these will let you receive the specific release immediately after typing it in the channel window (the list is sorted by our projects with always the first pack number of the series given as an example):

On the Path of Glory (Ongoing) On Hiatus:

  • Those who chase the Ageha: !ageha01
  • Wild School: !ws01

Yahu, it’s done (Complete):

  • 21st Century Boys: !21st01
  • Cross (Oneshot): !cross
  • Takidani Koukou Manga Club (Oneshot): !mangaclub

Ancient-Times (Dropped, etc.):

  • Aiki: !aiki09
  • TriageX: !triage01
  • Lequios: !Leq01
  • Suzuro‚Äôs Logfile: !Log01
  • Hatsukoi Limited: !hl01
  • Hanzai Koushounin: !hanzai01
  • Jormungand: !jmg06
  • Gamble Fish: !fish01
  • Mangari Michi: !michi01
  • Taboo-Tattoo: !tab01
  • Tough: !tough26
  • Baka and Boing: !boing01

Definitely Drunk:

  • Drunken King: !dk01