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Those who chase the Ageha Chapter 12

Another great chapter of Ageha is out. Will Kyousuke propose? Will everything change?
Find out yourself and enjoy the read… Though I have to say the chapter title is pretty accurate this time ;-) – trigger: !ageha12 || Direct Download

Lequios Chapter 02

Yeah, Lequios is back, thanks to our new Typesetter loS and of course all the other contributors; btw Welcome loS :-)

Though there are still plenty of scripts laying around waiting for a Proofreader or Typesetter to take care of them. If ya are interested just apply, not much is required just some appetite working on Manga (and for Typesetters access to any Photoshop CS version). You will learn the rest from us (also its not much regarding workload, kinda one to two chapters per month).

Since we had the tankobon now, thanks to, our TL updated mostly a few of the “explaining text” in chapter one and we also added the extra pages of the volume into the updated version of chapter 01. So its worth for everyone to re-download it again (even if only for the color pages). I guess some will have also to re-read the first chap too since it has been a while. – trigger: !leq01, !leq02 || Direct Downloads: ch01+extras, ch02