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Those who chase the Ageha Chapter 09

We are finally able to continue on Ageha, and this Manga never stops to surprise. It is as good as ever… Now even survival will be mixed in, lean back and enjoy another nice read :)
Also we will try to catch up again. And a few other nice things are in the pipeline as well. Stay tuned. – trigger: !ageha09 || Direct Download

Wild School Chapter 13

What a great Manga and we finally get more of it.
No real action going down here but nevertheless somehow just a nice chap with some really funny moments. Enjoy… :-)

On other news we managed to find some great raw support for certain our projects. If any of you are in the same spot and in dire need for some raws, try to contact these guys:
They are doing a real great job. This also means of course that we will be able to bring you soon more from Ageha and co, so stay tuned.

Besides that, as you see we changed our webpage a little, hope you like it. This also indicates the changes we went through. You can prepare for a few nice surprises to come… – trigger: !ws13 || Direct Download