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“Things Change”

As things are right now, with fewer members and each of us much busier, we decided to focus on what we like the most (and can do the best). This means, de facto, we will drop a few projects. Namely: Tough, and, Baka and Boing. Unfortunately, there isn’t much interest in them. Though both have a solid fan base, it seems no one really cares enough to do something to get the chapters done. In conclusion, no one is really working on it in our group and no guys applied to help us out either.

If anyone should be interested, we can still supply some Translations for Tough and the Volume 03 raws for Baka and Boing (just got our hands on it a few days ago).

As for structural changes: From now on, we will work just on new manga which are bi-weekly/monthly or so (brand new titles). We will keep TriageX, Ageha and Suzuro’s Logfile. By the way, we just came to know that Suzuro’s Logfile is a quarterly series, which means we are actually up-to-date with it and you can expect chapter 02 soon.

Also, we still plan to finish Wild School. Guess what we are waiting for? Yup, more raws. Same goes for Lequios.

We hope you enjoyed our scans for Tough, as well as Baka and Boing, and hope you stick around to see what new manga we will bring you next.

Tough 129th Match

The next deadly match is about to start, Jet vs The Bone Crusher. It seems to be a very fitting name as it turns out…

This also marks our last Tough chapter we release. Now don’t be to sad, it was a nice ride, enjoy this one and see for more details the latest post.

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