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Get your Tough…

With all the releases, some might want to give this great Manga a try. So, in order to get started, we went about gathering some information and downloading/reading options for all of you (As always, this should go without saying; downloading and using a picture viewer is far better than any online reader in terms of quality).

Now then, for online-reader fans, you can find the whole Tough series, on or what we suggest on

For the fans interested in downloading and archiving releases, the best option is still IRC, but you can get direct download links at (They don’t have latest stuff though); and at (You need to register in order to download, but it’s all free). Of course, you can also find direct download links for whole volumes on this site at the specific project page here.

On IRC, you can grab all the chapters (as well as the volumes subdivided into chapters) in our channel #s.a.s. Botlists are here. And the channel, #lurk, has a complete archive here. For bot-listing, just use one of the search-engines they offer (read topic).

Remember to support the Mangaka by buying the Manga in English or any other preferred language when it is released (in your local area).

This should cover your Tough Manga desires, have fun… :-)