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Those who chase the Ageha Chapter 04.

“The encounter: Idiot vs. weird rare creature”. Dont miss it and find out who miss galaxy really is as well as how to catch Ageha… :-D

Note: Take a sec and a look at our Manga Awareness post here (its the one right below).

Grab this release from our bots on our irc channel by typing !ageha04 or check the botlists. || Direct Download || Online Viewing

Manga Awareness: Today’s Asuka show Ch 01-02.

Well, first: We will not be picking this up as a project. We just thought there are many different manga out there and we wanted to bring to light some which wouldn’t be noticed otherwise. This might spur you into trying something new (and If you like it, why not pick it up?). Most of us know there are tons of groups and fans focusing on certain manga series, but the manga world is vast; some other manga series should also receive some attention. (Note: Raws and Translations are available publicly at MangaHelpers)

Please comment regarding what you thought of this manga, and maybe someone may want to work on it in the future. (More of such “Manga Awareness” releases may come in the future if this catches on.)

Now to the release, get it from our irc channel by typing !asuka01 and !asuka02. || Direct Download: Ch 01, Ch 02 || Online Viewing: Ch 01, Ch 02