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Since a lot of people have been asking about it and because somebody urges me to take care of it (¬_¬ -> Rock), here’s an announcement for anyone who’s thinking of hosting our scans or making translations with our scans. I don’t enjoy spending hours answering email, so be sure to read this before asking sending SAS any questions.

File Release Redistribution Policy

Can I host your files on _____?
We’re environmental friendly scanlators and already have our releases hosted by some very nice people—scans are available through DDL, IRC bot distros, online manga readers, and a few other places besides. We believe that hosting the same files on any more servers will only waste energy, thereby contributing to the carbon footprint of scanlation as a whole.

Point is, don’t bother asking unless your servers are “mother-earth-friendly” and meet Energy Star requirements.

You’re joking…
Ok you won, point is we think it’s pointless to host the files elsewhere when they’re only likely to be used by 5 to 10 people, tops.
If you’re just trying to help people find scans, you’d be serving them better by directing them to MangaHelpers, Baka-Updates Manga or in case of especially our releases just to our Webblog.
Ok, I really want to help people find more manga, and want to make an archive or backup of your releases in case the aliens kidnap SAS. Can I host your files?
If you’re really trying that hard, then the answer is yes, as long as you don’t sell it. To be clear, “sell” will be interpreted as requiring any user to provide money, votes, links, or any other form of payment/compensation in order for them to aquire the scanlation.

Good examples of distributions that don’t “sell” our releases are Animea Read Manga or MangaShare. Both sites are free and the manga easily accesible for viewing and/or download. That is exactly what we like and want all of our fans to enjoy.

I’m already hosting some of your releases and I think I fall under the “sell” fraction. What now?
Just try to put it to public download available. Wait…, you don’t want to? Well then let me tell you some secret that’ll save you space on your server: remove all our files immediately from your server!
How about I just upload your releases to some fileshare site?
No. Just no.

We used to have our files once hosted on MediaFire, but the way it keep deleting our older files because nobody had download them recently was very ungentlemanly.

That aside, we don’t want our releases used to fish points from any file sharing site that give you points/money for each unique download/view/whatever. And again, not to mention the waste of time and energy.

It’s so much easier if you just give the download link to our releases to http://standalonescans.com/. :)

Translating our release into an archaic language.

I am part of ____ scanlation, we are ____ language scanlator. I’m amazed with ____ manga that you work on and want to translate it to the ____ language. You’ll be credited, how about that?
This is a two part answer:

  1. Are you using our cleaned pages? Then NO! Go learn to clean raw pages instead, it’s not that hard to please the crowd by taking 5 minutes to quick learn some cleaning skill; though you’ll still get bashed by quality whores saying something along the lines of “EyeCancer!!! Your eraser must be ugly, it creates more dirt instead cleaning it.”
  2. Using our script? Sure. You can find most of the translated scripts for our releases on MangaHelpers.

    That aside, many of our releases use japanese to english translations from MH, and we’ve come to believe that direct translation from japanese to your own language is much better than translation from any 2nd source (ie: japanese to english to ____ = a bad ____ translation).

But I heard you translate sometimes from French!
Because we don’t have any Japanese translator to do that dammit! If we have a translator for it, we will use direct translation.

Actually, if anybody’s willing to re-translate our previous releases from Japanese, we would seriously consider releasing a new version for each file which was translated from a non-japanese source (assuming a sudden holiday doesn’t make our staff mysteriously *vanish*).

Oh, and let’s not forget that, in those rare cases, we only use official French translations. ;)

Can we use your scans as a kind of reference when I/we’re translating it?
Whatever, it’s not like that we know how to read archaic language anyway.

Other Questions

Why underlined?
Because it’s cool… nobody use underlines anymore, so before it’s claimed as oldskool by 4chan, I’m going to use it again.

– S.G.S Staff – Super Green Scanlation Staff, because we care about Global Warming and our Planet.

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