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Hi folks, since some questions arose regarding our latest project, here some intel on that.

TriageX is a new series by Satou Shouji and is currently being serialized in the monthly magazine Dragon Age. Satou Shouji is best known for his manga “High School of the Dead”, which is currently on hiatus in Japan.

As some of you probably guessed the magazine version is censored, where on the other hand the tankobon version will most likely be less so. The first tankobon (volume) for this will probably come out around Sept-Nov or so. Most likely the tankobon not only wont have any censorship, it will of course be of better printing quality. However it has not yet been decided whether we will scanlate them or not (that would mean we redo them).

What’s for sure is that we will continue the magazine scans, as long as there will be raws provided (thx Finestela over at MH so far for that). Also regarding the translations thx goes to Gringe, who said I can tell you guys, that there’s a good chance he will work on the tankobons with his group (XLG), which means there is also a possibility of a joint on the tankobon releases later. But as said, it’s still uncertain.

Enjoy a nice reading and have fun, cya till our next release…

- Rock-Bird & Gringe -

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    • kiks
    • June 3rd, 2009 5:26pm

    at least save your PSDs from the mag scans for easier typesetting, that way if you decide to release the tanko you’ll only have to level it a bit and redraw :P

    so that way it will be easier to catch up espeialy if you’re gonna do a joint with Xamayon

    • d4mi3n
    • June 6th, 2009 4:02am

    For the records, I love XLG’s work and HSotD was an awesome manga; here’s hoping it comes back from it’s well deserved break.

  1. A joint with XLG for this series’ tankoubon releases would be excellent.

    I follow XLG’s HSotD tankoubon releases and I enjoy the series.

    Please do it!!


  2. Oh and I hope that HSotD is not dropped by the author as supposedly, he/she is known for cutting a manga series short and not finishing.

  3. Interesting series going off the first two eps, but don’t forget the cheesecake – speaking of, what’s happening with Baka & Boing?

  4. Baka & Boing is still set as ongoing. We got recently the tankobon raws and we will see who might translate it…

    But you can expect us to continue it :-)

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