Aiki Chapter 41!

Aiki Time… You know what that means, garb a beer and enjoy our latest Aiki release… It has some really funny development…!

Get it from our bots on our irc channel, easily by typing !aiki41 or checking the botlists for more.

Hungry to jon the scanlation scene? Wanna contribute on any projects in any way, just give us a note about it: || Direct Download || Online Viewing

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    • Mindflayer
    • April 25th, 2009 2:58pm

    I was actually tempted to try out that strangely named group’s releases but another dosage of quality Aiki from you was able to avert disaster in the nick of time.

    Thank you.

  1. Hahaha… We are happy to be of service…

    PS: Keep in mind, do not just read to read something, but to enjoy it… Overall thats why one shouldn’t just rush for every shitty release out there, but decide upon on what might be the best for one…

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