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Aiki Chapter 38!!!

Ya-Ha! Finally some new Aiki…

Grab it by one of the various possibilities and enjoy while drinking something nice ;-P

On our irc channel, as usual you get served up by typing !aiki38. You can also check the botlists.

Besides, we’re still looking for Cleaner (mainly for Tough), Proofreader as well as French-English Translators, so if you think you’re up to the task, just let us know at: || Direct Download || Online Viewing


Hey all, your friendly neighborhood webmaster d4mi3n here!

Just a quick heads up: our webhost MediaTemple is doing some firmware upgrades on the servers tonight from 9PM to 2AM PST–that’s Feb. 6th, 5AM to 7AM GMT for those of over in Europe. During this time, will be offline for about an hour.

Downloads will still be available via IRC and HTTP as per usual, only will be affected.

Try not to freak out, we’ll be back sooner than you think!