Baka and Boing Chapter 01!

New Series by Kobayashi Hiyoko: Baka and Boing Chapter 01!

Looks like a special-pre-christmas-super-fanservice, so grab it and enjoy ;-)

Like always type !boing1 on our irc channel, check the botlists, or use this direct download.

Anyone interested in cleaning this series, just contact us…
Besides we are looking for Translators, Proofreader and overall Cleaner!

Contact: write a comment here or send us a email at:

PS: Why didn’t we focus on Aiki and Tough? Read the previous post, we just were simply a bit bored, needed our Aiki Babe fix and nobody did a scanlation yet (at least 3 days ago). Which means, here it is, so dont ask why, its just here.

- Piko & Rock

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    • Deamon-Kyo
    • December 15th, 2008 10:42pm

    Great job for this lil’ Fix :p
    Thanks !

    • allies
    • December 25th, 2008 12:25am

    i’ll be looking forward to this one :)
    and so i hope everyone else too

  1. UI2wUz Thanks for good post

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