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Tough Chapter 30!

Another Day, Another Tough Release!

Finally we got there to the Hyper Battle Elimination… thats what you waited for, go and get this nice chapter and wait eagerly for the next one ;-)

You will find it as always on our irc channel by typing !tough30, or by any direct download links, which will be provided soon.

See you next time!

DDL is available on Mediafire as well as on Savefile or use our new direct service.

Hanzai Koushounin Chapter 02

Hey everyone, i’m sure you’ve all been sitting at the edges of your seat patiently awaiting the release of the next chapter of Hanzai Koushounin. Fear not, for your patience is being rewarded this fine day with none other than the release of the second chapter of this brilliant manga.

Along with our friends over at Endless-Abyss we invite you to give this chapter a download and enjoy all it has to offer. As usual, you can get this chapter from our IRC channel by typing !hanzai02. Also, visit Endless-Abyss’s IRC channel where i’m sure you can find other means of getting this chapter.

DDL: MediaFire or direct service.

Tough Chapter 29

That’s correct ladies and gentlemen. Two chapters in three days and if things go according to plan, there might be more fun and joy in store for you.

So without further prattling on my part, let me do what I came here to do: Announcing the release of Tough Chapter 29. As always, this chapter promises to be as kickass and mind numbingly awesome as it’s predecessors. (You might want to hold onto something while reading.)

This chapter is available in the usual place: our irc channel by typing the usual trigger !tough29. So long for now.

DDL is available on Mediafire as well as on Savefile or as direct service.

Tough Chapter 28!

Time for our next Release, this time it is Tough Chpater 28.

This Chapter is really something… but read yourself. As always get it on our irc channel by typing !tough28, or check the botlist, or just wait for the ddl.

See you next time with another Release, have fun so far :-)

DDL is availble on Mediafire as well as on Savefile or via direct service.

Aiki Chapter 30!

Why did the chicken cross the road? To bring back Aiki chapter 30 of course. So, if the release takes too long, blame that chicken. Okay, i admit that was lame. I promise not to make any more jokes. So, onto the business at hand.

Today i’m here to bring you the fruits of our labor – Aiki Chapter 30. As always, you can get it from the usual place, our IRC channel where the trigger !aiki30 will grant you access to this most amazing and halarious chapter. Ever.

That’s all for now folks. Until next time, stay and chat with us.

Direct downloads are available through Savefile and on Mediafire or as direct service.

Hanzai Koushounin Chapter 01

Good morning/afternoon/evening (blame different time zones for this greeting), ladies and gentlemen. Today is a special day as we, along with Endless-Abyss, bring you a new joint project – Hanzai Koushounin.

This fast paced new manga focuses on the delicate art of negotiation. Trust me, it’s more exciting than my writing. For more information on this project, you can visit our projects page or Endless-Abyss’s website.

Blame Pikokola for his sucky ISP, so he can’t upload it to the bot right away. But don’t worry, Endless-Abyss was kind enough to provide us with a MediaFire and a MegaUpload link or direct service.

Edit: XDCC Download are now also availaibe on #e-a channel (packlist) and #s.a.s channel, just type: !hanzai01.

Tough Chapter 27!!

That’s right, you didn’t hallucinate the headline. Tough chapter 27 is ready to be downloaded and devoured by the masses.

This is the second chapter that we’ve done so far and hope to continue bringing you more in the future. As mentioned in the post below, a quick glance over to our projects page can tell you where to get the preceding chapters of what is shaping up to be a great, action packed manga.

As you all undoubtedly know by now, you can head over to our irc chanel where typing !tough27 will get you this awesome chapter. Enjoy this and see you next time.

Direct download is available here on Savefile and MediaFire or direct service. Have fun.

Aiki Chapter 29

Hey everyone, it’s about that time again. I’m here to bring you all the exciting new release of Aiki chapter 29. It’s so exciting it’s almost criminal. Try to contain yourselves.

This chapter of Aiki marks the begining of the Fifth Volume of this awesome manga. I know what you’re thinking, “Five volumes already? Where does the time go?” Why, it goes into reading this manga of course. Anyway, enough of my sleeptalking.

As usual, you can grab our releases on our irc channel by typing !aiki29 in the channel window. Relax and enjoy.

Direct downloads are now available here and here or here (direct service). Read responsibly.

Our Ass Kicking, Mind Boggling, Super Awesome New Project – Tough Ch 26

Today is a double release day for all you lucky people out there.

This a release that will save the world. Touching story of healing mixed with an uber-evil uncle and a young man who can seriously kick ass (Description provided by our awesome staff member Ailelie).

As you can tell, we’re all pretty excited about this new project. If you hop over to our projects page you can get more information there about who did the previous chapters since we’ll be picking things up from chapter 26 onwards.

Head on over to our irc channel where typing !tough26 will score you your fix.

Well, that’s all for now. Look forward to more releases of this ass kicking, mouth punching new manga.

DDL is available at the usual places here and here or here (direct service).

Aiki Chapter 28!!!!!

Ladies and gents, give a round of applause for Aiki chapter 28 in all it’s glory.

This chapter marks the end of Vol 4. But not to worry, there are plenty of volumes left.

As usual, you can get our releases by visiting our irc channel and typing !aiki28 in the channel window.

DDL is available here and here or here (direct service). Enjoy!

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