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Yo guys, hi Aiki fans,

We are urgently looking for a new Webhoster, our hoster will soon stop and this site will be down!

If you want to keep this alive, please contact us, either by email, on our irc channel or just by leaving a comment here!

You are all just great!

We got really fast by some of you offers, currently this is enough!

We will get in contact with some of you with more details about our actual needs. We kindlky ask you to be a little patient, if we dont answer right away and again thank you guys for your great offers :)

This really looks promising now!

Aiki Chapter 27!

Here it is our weekly release!

Enjoy Aiki chapter 27 – Joukyuu as teacher :D Like always get it from our irc channel by typing !aiki27 on the channel window. While downloading feel free to chat and have fun!

DDL available here and here. Enjoy!

Aiki Chapter 26!

Another week and another release!

The release i’m talking about of course is Aiki chapter 26.

As usual, you can find this awesome chapter by visiting our irc channel and typing !aiki26 in the channel window. Download and enjoy, stay and chat, the possibilities are endless!

Direct downloads are available here and here. Enjoy!

Aiki Chapter 25!

Time for a new chapter of Aiki!

Grab it on our irc channel by typing in the channel window !aiki25

This time someone appears, even our mighty Joukyuu is afraid of :D

Direct downloads are now available here and here. Enjoy the chapter!

Aiki Chapter 24!

Hello again!

Yes its already chapter 24 – so while you are reading this, start your irc and get on our channel for the download.

Just type, like usually !aiki24 to receive the new release
- have fun and enjoy it :)

Direct download is availble here and here. Enjoy!