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Drunken King Chapter 03!?!?! HELL YEAH!

YEAH IT’S FINALLY OUT! After decades of work we have finally completed this masterpiece. We had to consume over 34.000 liters of beer as well as other liquor and around 7-79 slaves to finish this (can’t remember the exact number, but the digit is somewhere around that range, sry we were really drunk).


GET IT FROM OUR irc channel by typing the trigger !dk03 in the channel window.

You can also leave some comment and suggest what you would like to see in the future to happen :D

Drunken downloads are available here and here. Enjoy my inebriated friends!

Presenting Aiki Chapter 23

Greetings everyone, i’ve come bearing gifts. We’re proud to present the release of the 23rd chapter of that manga you all know and love – Aiki!

As usual, you can find it in our irc channel by simply typing !aiki23. Enjoy it!

Direct download link here.

Aiki Chapter 22!!!!

Hey guys, my name is Lonmas and i’m the new Proofreader for Stand Alone Scanlation. I joined just so we can bring you this beautiful manga faster.

Anyway, without further blabbering, I bring you the fabled Aiki Ch 22! As always, you can find it in our irc channel by typing the trigger !aiki22 in the channel window.

Direct downloads are up. You can get them here and here. Enjoy!

Summer break over?

It seems like our summer break will be soon over, though we still look for some willing helpers!

The good news is, you guys can expect new releases by the end of this week, if everything goes well!

And should you now be eager to start over in the scanlation world, just apply and join us. You can either talk with us on our irc channel, send us a email or just leave a comment!