Aiki Chapter 20

In the middle of cheers and insult… We proudly presents Aiki 20
as always, you could grab this release on our channel #s.a.s@irchighway by typing !aiki20 on the S.A.S channel window.

Another way, you could download it from MediaFire or Anime Gunshuu.

And of course, we are still looking for Cleaners, Japanese-English Translator, Proofreader, and Typesetter. If you’re interested and wish to help us (and your fellow leecher), don’t hesitate to join the staff. Talk to Rock-Bird or another staff. (or Pikokola, only if no other staff nearby, since almost all time he is there only for mascot purpose.)

Rock-Bird ~ yes, I can fly, even though I’m a rock ;)

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  1. good job

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