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Aiki Chapter 21

It’s summer hot, beach, ice cream, sexy girls with 4 piece swimsuit who flirt on you, and of course the best part is… We release Aiki Chapter 21, the last chapter of Aiki Volume 3. Cheers for Adone who clear this chapter and redwall who proof the script while nobody can.
At the same time, we will announce the official launch of Stand Alone Scanlations “somehow” official blog. Here you could find bot list, direct download links, and list of S.A.S staff member.

Get the release by typing !aiki21 on our channel window or use one of the following direct download possibilities:MediaFire or Anime Gunshuu.

If you want to download the past releases, you could look for it on our bot, direct download links or you could grab them from one our Affiliate Anime Gunshuu.

Piko – I’m just a noob, stop bullying me…

Drunken King Teaser

Drunken King Chapter 03 isn’t far away, so we wanna make you a bit curious – check out our Teaser Trailer by Jooki!

Best viewed by downloading the smaller version (the direct view is a bit off track).


Aiki Chapter 20

In the middle of cheers and insult… We proudly presents Aiki 20
as always, you could grab this release on our channel #s.a.s@irchighway by typing !aiki20 on the S.A.S channel window.

Another way, you could download it from MediaFire or Anime Gunshuu.

And of course, we are still looking for Cleaners, Japanese-English Translator, Proofreader, and Typesetter. If you’re interested and wish to help us (and your fellow leecher), don’t hesitate to join the staff. Talk to Rock-Bird or another staff. (or Pikokola, only if no other staff nearby, since almost all time he is there only for mascot purpose.)

Rock-Bird ~ yes, I can fly, even though I’m a rock ;)